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Welcome to THE ISLAND OF THE GREAT! You can be GREAT in English with the aids of this website.



        This website is set up for the purpose of assignment. The subject of assignment is Technology in Teaching and Learning with the subject code of EDU 3053.

        This website can help students (especially Year 3) to improve on listening skills with some comprehension questions and get more knowledge about nouns. Besides, students will extend the knowledge to a deeper understanding of singular and plural nouns. There will be tutorial for all the students and there will be exercises after the tutorial. Students will be led to different categories of exercises: Remedial and Enrichment. This is to help students to improve their English proficiency level.

        This website is also composed to help students to be GREAT in English. Even so, students should try to have face to face tutorial for further explanation and justification in order to gain the best outcome of using this website.

        The best browser to view this website is Google Chrome as this website is composed with Google Chrome. Audience may use Google Chrome to get the best viewing effect.

Thank you and feel free to browse through my website.

Learning Objectives is suggested to be kept in mind before starting~


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  1. fongkuen@iptho.edu.my' Sumitra Kan says:

    I don’t see the essay nor the reference list.

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