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I am Khairunajwa binti Kasnan, a student majoring in TESL (Teaching English as Second Language) who is currently studying at IPGM Kampus Tun Hussein Onn, Batu Pahat. For this semester, we learn about technologies in teaching and learning, and we are assigned to create our own webpage with e-learning package. This assignment requires us to create a web-based learning by using various softwares such as HotPotatoes, iSpring, KompoZer, videopad, and many more. This knowledge is hoped to be useful for us when we step into the world of teaching.

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Students are able to perfrom the following tasks:
  • Produce a video clip based on the topic chosen.
  • Produce a web-based learning package.

1. Produce a video with a time frame of three to four minutes. The video produced should be based on the topic chosen. The format of the video should be compatible with most of video drivers found in common computers and web-based video drivers.

2. Produce a web-based learning package using appropriate software. Contents for the packagee should be suitable for learning a topic or part of a topic within the syllabus of a subject taught in a primary school. The learning package should incorporate several multimedia elements which include text, graphic, audio, video and interactivity. The video produced in part 1 of this project MUST be included as part of the learning package.

3. Write a reflective essay. The reflecrion should include the following aspects:
i.  Remarks of the processes taken to complete the assignment             including strengths and weaknesses.
ii. Problems encountered and solutions involved
iii. To what extent the experience of completing this coursework           has on your understanding in producing teaching and learning         media.
4. The following should be attached as appendices to support the project:

i. A user guide for the web-based learning package.
ii. A video script used for the development of the video produced in         part 1.
iii. An extract of the syllabus used showing the topic covered in the     learning package.
iv. A list of reference typed using the APA style.

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