Fida The Grammar Chef Welcomes YOU!










Welcome, I bid to fellow grammar chef to be. I am Grammar Chef Fida, will guide you to be the best cook in English grammar.

Get comfy and get ready to explore the world of English Grammar with cooking/food theme. I hope you find it entertaining and enjoyable.

Nouns? What's that? Why nouns?
Sometimes nouns are often neglected as an important part of the language. Therefore do explore and learn more about the nouns, why did I choose it in the first place and the importance of nouns in the syllabus. Click on the picture to learn more.
Boost your grammar performance!
The comprehensive, simple yet attractive learning package is set to give a quick, simple way to understand grammar, thus imporving your profiency, even at first use of the package. Click on the picture to learn more.
Directly from the grammar master herself!
Check out the video prepared by the grammar master, and interact with the activites prepared in the video. Pay attention to the nouns, and in grammar, you will believe and success! Click on the picture to learn more.

Here I will serve you on how to make sure your English going to be super-duper delicious! All you need is to make sure you prepare all these ingredients;

100 ml  grammar knowledge
50 kg Passion
30 kg Patient
30 ml Good pronunciation
100kg Self-confidence
Bunch of creative thinking
For the secret ingredients you need TONS OF LOVE ENGLISH!
Have your own journey here and feel the excitement!