Text Box: What is a Collective Nouns?

	Collective nouns denote a group of people, objects, ideas, or animals as a single concept. Though the collective noun refers to more than one in a group, the noun itself is considered a single thing.

	However, they can be used as either singular of plural.  It all depends on the sentence. Tying to decide which form to use can get confusing because you have to use the correct verb and pronoun forms, too.  One way to make it a little easier is to determine if the collective noun is referring to a unit working as individuals or if they are working together in unison.

Here we have listed some of the more commonly used collective nouns for humans, animals and objects. 

These collective nouns are commonly used under the category of people.
A class of students.
An army of soldiers.
A choir of singers.
A crew of sailors.
A band of musicians.
A bunch of crooks.
A crowd of people/spectators.
A gang of thieves.
A group of dancers.
A team of players.
A troupe of artists/dancers.
A pack of thieves.
A staff of employees.
A regiment of soldiers.
A tribe of natives.
An audience of listeners.
A panel of experts.
A gang of labourers.
A flock of tourists.
A board of directors.

The following collective nouns are used for animals.
A catch of fish.
An army of ants.
A flight of birds.
A flock of birds.
A haul of fish.
A flock of sheep.
A herd of deer/cattle/elephants/goats/buffaloes.
A hive of bees.
A litter of cubs.
A host of sparrows.
A team of horses.
A troop of lions.
A zoo of wild animals.
A pack of wolves.
A litter of puppies/kittens.
A swarm of bees/ants/rats/flies.
A team of horses/ducks/oxen.
A murder of crows.
A kennel of dogs.
A pack of hounds.

The following collective nouns are used for things.
A group of islands.
A galaxy of stars.
A wad of notes.
A forest of trees.
A stack of wood.
A fleet of ships.
A string of pearls.
An album of stamps/autographs/photographs.
A hedge of bushes.
A library of books.
A basket of fruit.
A bowl of rice.
A pack of cards.
A pair of shoes.
A bouquet of flowers.
A bunch of keys.
A chest of drawers.
A pack of lies.
A range of mountains.
A cloud of dust.



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