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About Me


Greetings earthling~ we come in peace~

Well actually it is YOU the one who came to my webpage. :)
Again, greetings to YOU and first of all i would like to thank you for giving in some time to visit my page of intelectual learning.

To start of, my name is ASYRAF SIDDIQ BIN MOHAMAD SAID, 21 years old from Johor Bharu. i am majoring in TESL that is Teaching English as Second Language in Institut Perguruan Kampus Tun Hussein Onn or more famous with IPTHO! I was born on 24th March 1992 at Hospital Besar Melaka but now staying at JB with my lovely parents and two big brother and a younger brother.

Well then, with hope not to bored you more with my blabering, please browse through my webpage throughly and sincerely from my heart, i hope that you will get plenty of usefull information from my pages.


Some random wise words~
for US to think about. c(=

If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree. 
~Jim Rohn
Laziness will cause you pain.
~Slogan on T-shirt worn at the Vee Arnis Jitsu School of Self-Defense
THIS IS SPARTA!!! (be who you are)
~Leonidas, 300

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