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Welcome! You're here, this means you're AWESOME!


Nyan Cat


Welcome to my humble website. This site is mainly setup to achieve the objective of completing my EDU 3105 assignment and also in the same time as a way for me to give back to the society by embedding in this site an E-Learning contents.In the Malaysian context English as a second language is not on the top as it should be compared to our neighbouring country, therefore this simple effort, as I personally hope could be the steppping stone needed to turn the table on our favour.


This website chooses to be as simple as it could, as it is more focused on the content at hand. The usage of this website should also boost one's profiency in the language. The medium of language arts is of course the new and AWESOME way to learn English. I hope you would find ideas that will help you in your lessons, if you are a teacher that is. If you are a student in another hand, I hope you enjoy in improving the language and you profiency more. Have fun!




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