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A swimmer swimming


Swimming is the movement of the body through water using arms and legs. Most of the time equipment is not used. People can use it for exercise and fun. It main uses include bathingcoolingfishingrecreationexercise, and sport.

People swim using their arms and legs. Swimming can be divided into several "strokes": breaststroke, front crawl, butterfly, and backstroke are some of them, but the main stroke that is easiest to swim is front crawl.

Swimmers move through the water using the combination of other body parts. Swimmers have to be able to stay under water with holding their breath for long time.

Swimming can be done for fun, for exercise, or as a competitive sport. Many schools use swimming as a physical training exercise or just to have some fun after a hard week in the gym or outside.

Swimming has been around for a long time. We humans have learned how to swim from the sea creatures. When we evolved we took swimming with us to the next level. When we started swimming we could swim as well and fast as today. When we couldn¡¯t swim we used the doggy paddle. And that was one of the most important techniques at that time.